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Retail Displays

I create retail displays to the clients’ specifications. Each display ships flat, is easy to assemble, displays the clients’ product, is structurally secure and includes instructions.


I create logos, graphics and brand guidelines for startups.


With a Master’s degree in 3D modeling and animation, I have extensive experience in building models, film, 3D graphic product visualizations, and 3D print.


at work....
Creative Director, Nutis Press, Inc.

As Creative Director for Nutis Press, Inc., I work on a large variety of projects. When I began work at Nutis Press my primary responsibilities were web and graphic design. This evolved into creating conceptual drawings and working prototypes of retail displays for the sales team to present to the client. Once the display has been tested and approved, I coordinate packaging for shipping and create instructions for easy assembly.

  • Graphics

    Design and Branding

  • 3D

    Modeling, Printing, Visualizing

  • Prototypes

    Functional Products

  • Retail Displays

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